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About Jessica:
Hello my name is Jessica! I am a wife & a mother of 4 girls! I believe in Jesus, his word & salvation! For me modesty is more than just clothing but a lifestyle! I dress modestly because I want to glorify Jesus in all that I do including the way I dress & I hope I can inspire girls & women that modesty is BEAUTIFUL! XOXO-Jessica
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Instagram : @_fashionablymodest_
About this outfit:

“The clothing from @classyloft is such great quality! The skirt & tops are so lovely & versitile! The skirt fit & length are perfect & very modest. & the fact that you can wear the skirt two different ways is such a plus! I will definately be wearing these items often! Thank you @classyloft for this opportunity & can't wait to buy more items from your boutique!”

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  • Sindy

    Hello Gby my name is Sindy I am a Christian been serving the Lord for about 4 years now. I am 5”5 200lbs I have 4 girls with austim this walk hasn’t been easy for me but gotta keep on walking. Just wanted to say u have beautiful clothing designs very please

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