Staying Sane While Staying Safe

Staying Sane While Staying Safe

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Author: Katherine Robles

Whether you’re a natural homebody, or love to go out and socialize, quarantine is affecting us all! I’ve heard from so many people that I know: “I love staying home, but I would like to have the choice whether to go out or not.”Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 our choices for outside fun are very limited. Being inside can literally drive you insane sometimes!! Thankfully, I’ve found some tips and tricks that can help you stay sane while still remaining safe. 


Develop a hobby/ activity:

This may be something that you’ve always thought of doing but you’ve never had the time for because you were working or tending to things outside, such as an arts and crafts project, or crocheting, or even DIY projects you can do around the house. For me personally, I love coloring. (Take me back to my childhood please!) so coloring is very therapeutic for me. Just putting on music and coloring will help me to explore my creative side and not have me attached to electronics all day. Whether it’s remote learning or working from a computer at home, electronics can take a toll not only on your body, but your eyesight as well! (Hello astigmatism) I promise, dedicating time for hobbies will feel so enjoyable and productive. This leads me to my next tip. 


Make time for Self Care:

I can’t stress this enough: SELF CARE IS ESSENTIAL! We are so accustomed sometimes to taking care of others, whether it’s our jobs or our families, that we put ourselves on the back burner. Well, now that most of us are home, take care of yourself!! Plan one or two days where you do everything for yourself, whether that’s a mani-pedi, a face mask, deep conditioning your hair, a glass of wine and your favorite book, or even if you just want to take a nap!!! Those simple things can sometimes be so hard to fit into our busy schedules, but once we do it’s so worth it. I usually dedicate Sundays to self-care, and this not only helps me relax after a long week, but it helps me prepare for the week to come. So think about what you’ve been wanting to do and haven’t had time, and do it!! 


Stay active:

Yes people, I said it. Staying active is very hard when we don’t have anywhere to go. When we weren’t forced to be in quarantine, we would always be commuting to and from work (if you’re from NY or NJ, then our commute alone is a day worth of cardio). Or if you have a family, then you’re probably running back-and-forth between appointments and school and work. But now that we’re home, it’s very easy to be dormant and not stay active. Especially if we’re working from home and are tied to a computer for 8 hours a day. This was very hard for me to realize myself. If you’re not a person that is normally active and exercises, then start slow. Buy a jump rope and do 20 minutes of cardio twice a week, right in your living room. There are tons of gyms now that are offering free zoom workout classes since the actual gyms were forced to close their doors. I also downloaded this free app called FitOn, and they have so many workout classes that you can sign up for and join right from your phone! From cardio to dance classes to yoga, they have something for everyone. You’d be surprised how much lack of activity will affect your mental health while in quarantine. 


I really hope this was able to help some of you that are going through the same thing I was going through. Sometimes it can be really hard to be positive when everything around us is uncertain. We can be certain of one thing though: this quarantine won’t stop us!! 


Stay safe y’all, and remember to wear your mask!


By: Katherine Robles


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