What owning a small business taught me so far

What owning a small business taught me so far

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- Thankfully, small businesses are getting more support as well as receiving the attention they deserve, especially after the hardships that the pandemic brought.

I know that we all have heard the difficulties that small businesses face, but there is always an element of uniqueness in each of the small business owners life as they go through the strenuous seasons that comes with building your business. If you know, you know. A lot of the times, when everything (meaning the website, the pictures, the followers, etc) looks well put together, the effort and time that was put in it is not always acknowledged.

Though this, I want to make known the energy, time , and perseverance that it takes to put it all together. The idea of owning your own business always sounds great, but there are also so many cons that come with it. Although very rewarding, there is a lot to learn from each other but also from failing ,having to get up and sometimes (well maybe always) being your own cheerleader.

A message I would give to anyone wanting to start their own business is, DO IT. However, be sure to love what you do, because you do not need to be the best, or have the best skills and talent. But you do need the heart and drive to go forward with what you want to create. Things will get hard, but life gets hard too, it is just about having the gut to fight and encourage yourself.

Yet, here is a little reminder also, your business is not all there is. Its important to go for what you want, but do not forget to be present in your life. I believe that we have all learned through these years, that family, spirituality, and loved ones are more important. Because when all fails, they will be there at your side supporting you through the tough times. 


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