Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

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My name is Lily and I am a nursing student by day, modest creative in the evening, log wood sleeper at night and a bridal hairstylist on weekends. Modesty is a way of life for me and it's a way of life I am very proud of. If there are any words that can describe me it would be "work in progress", because that's what I am. In all seriousness though, I try to be better than I was the day before. My favorite things to do is travel, eat and stay in! Discovering new places and experiencing new things gives me major Adrenalin rush.
Fun Fact:  I'm not ticklish😂
Social Media:
Instagram : @lilyakujobi
About this outfit

The dress is a really classy simple but stylish fit. Free flowing and very breathable, Totally beautiful and  is gradually becoming a fav of mine”

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